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Almost all kitchen cabinetry manufacturers sell the same, but you should ask yourself if you want a mass-produced product or the designer’s edition. Cortez Remodeling LLC is one of the most talented, original & craftiest custom cabinet makers in Austin, TX. Our team will make unique kitchens & bathrooms your reality.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets: The Art Behind Our Craft!

If you can imagine it, then Cortez Remodeling LLC can make it for you. We care for each little detail; for example, the kitchen knobs and pulls provide a personal, distinctive & modern style.

But our creativity doesn’t stop there; we pay particular attention to the elements like hinges and handles in your making process.

We understand custom cabinets usually cost more, but it is an adjustable choice to your preference, giving the unique touch you are looking for. Also, our skilled professionals can optimize your storage space through specific designs.

4 Most Popular Base Kitchen Cabinets Colors

They usually support the countertops, and to make a difference among other makers, we resort to the concept of color to provide exceptional results.


Our mission is to deliver the best quality in every project that we are assigned to work on while offering cost-effectiveness for the community of Del Valle, TX and its surrounding areas.


To create long-term client professional relationships by always providing high-quality standards and competitive prices.

Why Choose Us

If you choose our company, you will get a crew that will work hard and smart to exceed your expectations. You will also get cost-effectiveness in your projects.

1. White Cabinets Are Timeless

White is still one of the best and most used colors customers select. This option provides amplitude and breadth, elegance, and sharpness. But its relevant aspect is the classic and cozy touch. White is always like a welcoming call.

Cortez Remodeling LLC is always passionate about white, but we never omit new options, counting on the range of choices.

Our creativity is limitless, and we constantly consider current and future needs.

We count on unstoppable and proficient staff that goes beyond visually appealing aesthetics–considering functionality and space maximization.

The bonus of using white is that you can renovate it in a single flicker, mixing and matching with hues and tones that reflect your unique personality.

2. Gray Kitchen Cabinets Are Neutrally Beautiful

This versatile color still rocks in houses. Gray is a neutral color that allows you to add details to a coat of paint, combining perfectly with cool and warm tones.

Gray can provide a notably warm sensation to contemporary kitchens allowing your space to feel open and airy.

3. Serene Blue Base Kitchen Cabinets

2023 brought with it the best shades of Blue. Serene Blue is taking it to new, beautiful heights. The rustic and angelic style that promotes this color will provide you with a craved contemporary look without overwhelming your space.

4. Black Kitchen Cabinets: Express Your Bold, Dark Side

Dark colors like charcoal and iron are attracting the attention of homeowners and well-known designers. When you get this downright mesmerizing proposal, the result is unique.

Try dark colors, and you will win elegance & glamour that will lead you to the dark side.

Our Hand-Crafted Wall Cabinets Provide Valuable Space

Cortez Remodeling LLC will help you to select correctly, depending on the space and design.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home; thus, you should be strategic about its size, installation, and design.

To meet your remodeling needs, we create two of the most popular:

1.   Shaker-Style Cabinets

The main characteristic is durability and affordability. If your budget is limited, consider the shaker style–a simple but high-quality choice.

2.   Wine and Liquor Cabinets

This furniture style is similar to a cellar and keeps your bottles safe and at a stable temperature. Give us a call today for a free estimate on your upcoming project.

Bathroom Cabinets: 100% Functionality & Infinity of Styles!

Are you looking for cabinet makers near Austin, TX? Call us!

Whether your bathroom is big or small, we can hand-craft it to fit your needs & desires. We can help you decide which of these three options is best for you.

1.   Bathroom Storage Cabinet

They are usually used to store hygiene products, toiletries, and sometimes medications such that it works as an improvised medicine chest.

2.   Bathroom Cabinets

They are placed under, over, or above toilets, especially in small bathrooms.

3. Bathroom Sink Cabinets

They are located on your bathroom floor and can be freestanding (in a corner or from wall to wall) to maximize the storage space.

We look forward to working with you!

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