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White Cabinets With Butcher Block Countertops

White Cabinets With Butcher Block Countertops

A butcher block is a wood surface. The harmony between the white color & the wood makes an undeniable contrast. White cabinets with butcher block countertops bring an elegant feel. The material pairs perfectly with current trends. But as with any design decision, there are pros & cons. Learn 11 ways to take care of them & best kitchen colors to pair them.

Pros And Cons of Butcher Block Countertops in White Cabinets

Pros And Cons of Butcher Block Countertops in White Cabinets

The benefits include:

    • Style
    • Affordability
    • More options to decide like pattern and color

On the downsides, you find:

    • Require regular upkeep
    • Susceptible to nicks, scratches, and dings
    • Expand and contract with temperature and humidity

Is Butcher Block Hygienic?

Is Butcher Block Hygienic?

Yes, it is sanitary. With a daily routine like spritz sanitizing with water and white vinegar, followed by wiping with a wet towel, butcher block counters can be a perfectly sanitary choice.

There is a myth that butcher block countertops harbor germs, making them unsanitary and unsafe. But you need to focus when the porous wood. As long as you take the proper care, it should remain a healthful and purified place to prepare food and take care of other cooking-related tasks.

Does Butcher Block Absorb Bacteria?

Wood provides a rich and sturdy look in any cooking space and is naturally bacteria-resistant.

Butcher block hardwood countertops are an excellent choice for kitchens.

According to a reported study, wood boards are more sanitary than plastic. Over 99 percent of the bacteria applied to the wood cutting board died within three minutes, while the bacteria on the plastic cutting board multiplied.

Mineral oil treatment of the wood surface had little effect on the microbiological findings. These results do not support the often-heard assertion that plastic boards are more sanitary than wood.

How to Clean & Take Care of Butcher Block? 11 Safe Ways

How to Clean & Take Care of Butcher Block? 11 Safe Ways
  1. After food preparation, scrape away debris by using a plastic scraper to remove the residues from the butcher block.
  2. Mix a cleaning solution of hot water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.
  3. Clean with a soapy solution sponge and rinse out the sponge in clean water, then use a wipe to dry the surface.
  4. Sanitize the butcher block by spraying lightly with undiluted distilled white vinegar, allowing the vinegar dry naturally.
  5. Blend a paste of table salt and lemon juice, letting it act for 10 to 15 minutes, then scrub the discolored area with a sponge and tackle stains.
  6. Reseal the surface by rubbing mineral or walnut oil into the wood with a cotton cloth and let it penetrate the oil and dry within 30 minutes.
  7. Make daily cleaning routines.
  8. Use a cutting board instead of cutting directly on your counter to avoid scratches and dings.
  9. Treat them by applying food-safe mineral oil or butcher-block conditioner.
  10. If wood is porous, avoid letting liquids puddle on the counter.
  11. Don’t put hot pans directly on your butcher block.

Best Paint Colors For Kitchens With White Cabinets

There are lots of colors that work well on kitchens with white cabinets, but it can be tricky to find the right one. Before continuing, it is essential to know that white cabinets help your kitchen room feel bright and fresh.

When choosing a paint color for your kitchen walls, it’s crucial to determine the room’s exposure and how much light it gets.

If your kitchen is north facing, a color such as a cool white will make your walls look a bit gray and dull. In this case, you’ll want to pick a color with some warmth to offset the dullness of north-facing light.

Consider these options:

● Be confident and stay cool with gold and yellow.

Best Paint Colors For Kitchens With White Cabinets - gold and yellow.

● Gray will be a great option.

Warm Gray and Greige remain popular for kitchens with white cabinets because they are neutral colors that don’t compete for attention.

● Neutral Whites.

Best Paint Colors For Kitchens With White Cabinets - Neutral Whites.

White on white is also a stunning choice if you want a beautiful bright, and airy kitchen. Sticking with white is also the easiest way to make a small kitchen appear more prominent.

● Blue and Green Paint Colors.

Best Paint Colors For Kitchens With White Cabinets

While less universally popular for kitchens. Blue and green can look nice when paired with white cabinets.


Since the wood surface is softer than stone or ceramic and is prone to scratches and dings, you can follow these tips to protect your butcher blocks.

Avoid exposing butcher blocks to excess water over extended periods.

Avoid cutting foods directly. Remember, minor scratches can harbor bacteria.

You can remove mold and mildew by spraying a diluted soap or vinegar solution.

Choosing the right wall paint color to match your white cabinetry shouldn’t be overwhelming.

The best way to see if a color works in your kitchen is through comparison! Place the paint sample next to the white cabinets to see how they look together.

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